Adrienne Ambrose

Adrienne Ambrose

Software Developer Belfast


I am a software developer, working on multiple different components of the product suite. I joined Vela in 2012 after taking part in NYSE Euronext’s Capital Markets Academy (CMA). Having come from a non­technical background with a BSc Applied Mathematics from Queen’s University Belfast, this offered an excellent opportunity to cross over into a development role. I have always had an interest in the financial services industry and incorporating my love of technology made Vela the perfect fit.

Daily Life

As part of the Platform Development team, my role requires a lot of flexibility, as we support multiple products across various platforms and languages. I can be working on anything from mastering new technologies and understanding the product lifecycle to designing and writing software, troubleshooting bugs or providing direct support to our clients. Every day is a new challenge, which keeps things exciting.

Working Environment

Vela provides a great working environment full of opportunities and challenges, which is why I love what I do -- no day is ever the same. Our team’s combination of financial and technological expertise is what makes it such an interesting place to work.

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