Glenn McClements

Glenn McClements

Engineering Belfast


I work in the firm’s Engineering group, leading a team of software engineers in Belfast responsible for the Platform and DART product streams. I joined Vela in July of 2014 following the acquisition of the Wombat business, where I held various engineering roles from 2006 onward, starting as a developer then to become the Head of R&D for NYSE Technologies. I’ve worked in software development for nearly 20 years now following my graduation from Queens University Belfast with BSc in Computer Science. Currently I’m also the chair of the Capital Markets Collaborative Network (CMCN) within Northern Ireland, working with other international and local based companies and universities on training and education and to promote the sector.

Daily Life

My current role is extremely varied. In the same day I can be helping to troubleshoot low level technical issues, working with other members of the Engineering group on next generation architectures and working with Product Management and Marketing on the business side of being a software and services company. It is extremely rewarding being involved at all parts of the product lifecycle and seeing a product go from an idea on a whiteboard, though development and then into production at customer sites.

Working Environment

We’ve always maintained a high caliber of staff, so I’m lucky enough to work with some first class engineers from around the world. Despite being with the company for some time, I’m still learning from other engineers every day!  The nature of the industry means that it can be fast paced at times, but there’s also a great team spirit, even while under pressure. 

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