FinTank Presents: The Rapidly-Changing Derivatives Market Ecosystem

Posted 11th October 2017

This event brings together various market practitioners to get their insights on key trends and changes facing the derivatives market ecosystem. Attend this meet-up and hear more about the shifts in priorities, emerging markets, evolving technologies, and the impact these have on firms improving profitability. There will be networking opportunity, a discussion on the topics below, and time set aside for the audience to talk about the development of this ecosystem in the future and how it fits current larger FinTech trends and market needs.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn how firms can leverage innovation to thrive in a low-volatility environment
  • Explore strategies that give firms an edge through differentiation
  • Delve into the great debate of what takes priority: Reliability or Performance
  • Discuss access to global liquidity and the drive to expand into other derivative asset classes
  • Discover how alternative data and analytics can enhance the execution decision process
  • Hear how vendor consolidation can help reduce risk and improve total cost of ownership


  • Hazem Dawani - Chief Product Officer - Vela
  • Steve Tumen - CEO - Deep Systems

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