Vela's Market Access Gateway (MAG) provides low-latency access to more than 110 trading venues globally and includes integrated risk controls that are configurable based on symbol, trader and other criteria. The pre-trade risk checks address business and regulatory risk compliance requirements for brokers providing sponsored market access.

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High Frequency Trading has transformed the markets into ultra-fast, high-volume marketplaces. If you don’t have the development and system resources required to keep up, your bottom-line will be impacted.

Access to Liquidity

Your client applications need to work with various gateways and it can be time consuming and resource intensive to implement access to each trading venue and support each of them. On top of this, Exchange Driven Changes (EDC) need to be planned.

Increasing Market Share

The need to increase market share in a particular market such as an asset type or to expand globally often requires access to trading venues in new geographical regions.


The current environment has seen increases in regulatory requirements. To prevent these distractions from your trading activities, you need to free up the capacity to efficiently deal with changes as they occur.


Performance & Scalability

The Market Access Gateway solution provides high speed, low latency messaging on commodity hardware, with deployment specific fine-tuning to maximize performance and throughput.

Normalized Interface

MAG provides a FIX, or our proprietary SFTI Binary, interface to our gateways. We take care of the order flow and communications with the trading venue so you don’t need to worry about each exchange or trading venue’s API or protocol.

Global Inventory

We provide multiple asset coverage such as Equities, Derivatives, and Foreign Exchange, and comprehensive access to trading venues across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Pre-Trade Risk Checks

MAG provides optional pre-trade risk checks to allow you to mitigate your operational risk and remain compliant in real-time.


MAG offers varied low-latency deployment options: 

  • Deploy in your own infrastructure
  • Deploy at exchange or via co-location
  • Deploy in our Global Liquidity Centers
  • Managed services through Vela
Gateways supported

Vela provides comprehensive coverage of gateways supported in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. We are constantly adding to our coverage. Contact your sales or account manager for your specific requirements.

What is it?

Vela’s Market Access Gateway is a low latency, direct market order routing platform.

Who is it for?

Firms that need high speed technology to interact with trading venues globally.

What does it provide?

A fast and resilient solution to a diverse range of global trading venues through a single normalized messaging interface.

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