The cornerstone of any electronic trading system is having the capability to offer a highly efficient and low latency trade execution facility. This includes being able to access the broadest possible spectrum of asset classes and liquidity venues. Vela’s SREX high speed market access gateways provide access to the largest number of execution venues across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions, including dark pools, and they also support trading for all major asset classes globally.

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Client Challenges

Today’s customers are faced with a range of commercial and technological challenges.


In today’s environment, reacting to market signals as efficiently as possible is key to having a successful trading strategy for electronic trading.

Time to Market

Time to market is always a critical factor when your traders request order access to new exchanges, aside from all of the other challenges including connectivity, it is very difficult to develop a gateway, even with the skill sets and experience required.

Broad Coverage

Having a gateway solution which provides access to a broad and expanding range of venues is key to having a diversified trading strategy. The cost and effort of supporting new venues are considerable and very consuming.

Solution Benefits

SREX is the low latency order, execution and quoting gateway counterpart to our SMDS solution.

Consistent Low Latency

In process solution delivers messages with a mean latency between two and three microseconds, depending on the exchange protocol.

Fast Time to Market

Vela prides itself on a rapid time to market utilizing agile, on-site software development, installation and integration. The average time to market for any new exchange connectivity gateway is three weeks.

Unified API

We provide a unified Order, Execution and Quoting API consistent across all exchanges. Exchange upgrades and changes are transparent to the user and are covered by the licensing agreement.

Co-Location & Proximity Hosting

Our exchange connectivity solution is architected to execute on minimal hardware footprint. This makes our solution highly desirable for exchange co-located or proximity hosted applications.

Broad Coverage

Our coverage includes all of the major North American, European and Asia Pacific exchanges and we have plans to expand the coverage to other exchanges globally.

Key Features

SREX is developed and built entirely in house, with no third-party dependencies. Our highly experienced software engineering and quality assurance teams give SREX users a truly competitive edge.

  • Stateless API
  • Session Recovery
  • Message Enrichment
  • Order Management
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Message Tracing (Drop Copy)
  • Exchange Simulator
  • Playback
  • Administration Console
Gateways Supported

Vela provides comprehensive coverage of gateways supported in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. We are constantly adding to our coverage. Contact your sales or account manager for your specific requirements.

What is it?

SREX is the high speed, low latency order, execution and quoting gateway—the counterpart to our low latency market data solutions.

Who is it for?

Clients who require low latency when placing orders with venues while also maintaining a minimal hardware footprint.

What does it provide?

Provides a highly efficient, low latency trade execution facility with access to a broad spectrum of asset classes and liquidity venues.

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