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SuperFeed is a fully hosted, consolidated market data feed offering a unique blend of low latency delivery and broad market coverage backed by unparalleled capital markets expertise and support. This offers clients an attractive alternative to the industry's incumbent data vendors.

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Client Challenges

Clients are faced with a range of commercial and technological challenges in sourcing global market data.


Accessing market data while maintaining low latency is now imperative for an increasing number of clients. Investing in software and resources to achieve lower latency can make this an expensive proposition. 

Cost of Infrastructure

Striving for low latency requires significant investment in IT infrastructure for hardware, networking, hosting and management. Building additional infrastructure for new low latency projects adds never-ending capital and operational expenses.

Access to New Venues

Adding new direct data feeds takes time. Exchange agreements are complicated, often requiring long cycles with legal resources, networks to new venues can be expensive, and for many emerging markets, direct feeds are not readily available outside of a particular exchange territory.

Solution Benefits

Clients save money, time and resources by implementing SuperFeed's fully hosted and managed consolidated data feed and they continue to benefit from Vela’s constant investment in state of the art infrastructure and development of high performance technologies.


SuperFeed can deliver significant cost savings to clients who have built in-house market data platforms or are encumbered by costly contracts with legacy data vendors.


SuperFeed offers high quality field and content normalization across global exchanges, while maintaining data integrity and fidelity. This enables clients to integrate multiple global exchanges without needing to make multiple code changes to their applications.

Our platform is built with full redundancy at every layer, ensuring a level of resilience fitting of a system designed to service clients' production trading systems.

Support for Low Latency Trading Strategies

All software, networking, and hardware used to build SuperFeed is architected to deliver low latency. SuperFeed is built on Vela’s low latency Data Fabric streaming technology and enterprise distribution products.


SuperFeed clients can scale up from data usage in individual trading applications, to market data for broad enterprise deployments. Clients also have the option to source only the symbols needed rather than receive mostly-irrelevant multicast feeds.


SuperFeed enables clients to receive a comprehensive range of market data feeds in a single format. Utilizing the feature-rich open source API OpenMAMA and full vendor of record support, time to market is dramatically reduced for clients seeking expansion into new global trading opportunities.


Vela offers unparalleled product and technical support, with market leading stability and support. Client specific service-level agreements can be provided as required.

Key Features
  • Combines the simplicity, agility and cost efficiency of a consolidated feed, with the performance of a direct feed.
  • Offers access to over 100 global exchange products including NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, OPRA, CTA, CME, LSE, Euronext, Deutsche Börse, BME, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and many others.
  • Fully hosted, managed service solution to allow clients to focus on their core business development activities.
  • Fully compatible with existing Vela's enterprise software which enables clients to design bespoke systems to meet their unique business requirements.
  • SuperFeed can be deployed for several alternative use cases, including:
    • Vendor displacement
    • Testing markets and expanding into new territories
    • Disaster recovery environments
    • Integration with existing Vela services
    • Remote office delivery

Vela provides comprehensive coverage of consolidated market data feeds in Europe and North America. We are constantly adding to our market data coverage. Contact your sales or account manager for your specific exchange or data feed requirements.

What is it?

SuperFeed is a hosted, consolidated market data feed encompassing markets in Europe and North America, including emerging markets, delivered in a single normalized format.

Who is it for?

Financial market participants from individual trading desks and algorithmic platforms through to the enterprise, who require broad market data coverage without the need to maintain in-house ticker plants or direct feeds.

What does it provide?

SuperFeed provides the fastest delivery of market data from a broad range of execution venues using a consolidated feed.

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