Distribution of Market Data Feeds

Vela's distribution of market data feeds is a fully-featured combination of software and services, designed to build a platform in support of incoming market data feeds. It allows clients to get more from their direct feed environments by reaching a far greater set of applications within your organization. 

Servicing more applications by the extension of a direct feed environment, when done smartly, can help reduce cost in market data licensing, infrastructure expenditure and third party vendor licenses, while at the same time improving latency and usability. 

Flexible deployment and support options are also available including managed software, with our experienced Professional Services team on hand to help ensure success for your project.

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  • Technology and Features
Technology and Features


  • Distribution to one or many downstream applications
  • Support for a range of native transports covering ALL use cases (TCP, Multicast, LDMA, MultiVerb, EFVI)


  • Caching and Distribution for any market data platform with an OpenMAMA bridge
  • Last value caching for fan-out to multiple clients applications or consolidate multiple data sources into a single data stream

Protocol Transformation

  • Transform data from alternative Vendor APIs e.g. RDF, BBG, IDC, SIX, etc.
  • Publish data from alternative Vendor APIs directly onto to Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP)
  • Publish data into proprietary real-time databases, e.g., OneTick, KDB+


  • OpenMAMA and Open Entitlements (OEA) APIs for quick time to market and ease of integration for Developers
  • Extended ISV Program e.g. QUOD, Solace, MDX, Flextrade, etc.
  • Vela Enterprise Support Service for OpenMAMA is a fully supported, certified and tested distribution of the industry standard open source middleware agnostic messaging API

Entitlements & Control

  • DART entitlement control and reporting suite for Exchange and Consolidated Feeds
  • Integration with third-party vendors and in-house applications for seamless management of compliance across your entire organization
  • Market Data Usage cost management reporting


Click here for further information on DART Entitlements.


Additional features

  • Configurable Conflation Intervals
  • Configurable Delayed Data
  • Custom Calculation Engine
  • Order Book and Trade Consolidation
  • Symbology Mapping and Symbology Database Management

What is it?

Fully-featured combination of software and services, based on open source technology, designed to build a platform in support of incoming market data feeds.

Who is it for?

Clients that want to leverage their feed handler's data throughout their organization.

What does it provide?

A fully-featured platform that allows you to remove the overhead of managing your own market data by outsourcing it to a team of experts who have the skills and automated tools to do it for you.

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