Market Data Entitlements

Vela Entitlements is a vendor neutral entitlements control and reporting system which provides the control necessary to avoid fines for non-compliance and manage market data costs by identifying underused or unused fee-liable services.

Clients can manage compliance with both vendor and exchange data contracts on any platform, ensuring that applications and end users only have access to the data they are entitled to.

The Vela Open Entitlements API (OEA) library allows entitlement control to be extended throughout the enterprise while also offering the facility to monitor the market data usage of downstream consumers including in-house and third-party applications.

For extended information on Vela Entitlements, please request the product sheet.

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  • Client Challenges
  • Technology Features
  • Vendor Benefits
  • Consumer Benefits
Client Challenges

Compliance Management

  • Managing compliance between exchange, vendor and client/user relationships is a complex and resource intensive responsibility
  • Audit rights of market data providers can lead to fines if there isn’t an effective audit trail showing compliant use of the service

Cost Pressure

  • Reducing annual spend across an enterprise is always in focus and market data is an area where costs can be effectively reduced by putting in place cost management measures
Technology Features
  • Out of the box support for Vela’s Enterprise MAMA API
  • Secure centralized reporting and audit trail facilities to identify unused or underused services
  • Intuitive browser-based user interface with integrated reporting suite (see product sheet for examples)
  • Open Entitlements API allows control to be extended throughout the enterprise
  • Advanced features available including Entitlements on Demand and Web Services API
Vendor Benefits
  • Vendor Neutral
  • Control redistribution of data via in-house server applications
  • Accurate mapping of exchange feed data to exchange billable products
  • Flexible reporting formats, including Excel, VRXML, Bloomberg (BPIPE), Reuters (eDAD)
Consumer Benefits
  • Approved by several exchanges and designed to meet compliance requirements
  • Ability to interface with cost inventory systems (MDM, FITS, INFOmatch, FinOffice)
  • Exchange feed mapping updates for Vela Feed Handlers are included

What is it?

A vendor neutral entitlement control and reporting suite for market data feeds including direct exchange feeds and consolidated feeds.

Who is it for?

Financial market participants who consume market data and need to meet associated reporting and compliance obligations.

What does it provide?

Entitlements control which helps to avoid fines for non-compliance and create cost efficiencies in the process.

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