OpenMAMA Developer Program

The Middleware Agnostic Messaging API (MAMA) was originally conceived in 2002 with the goal of enabling banks and hedge funds to distribute market data throughout their ticker plants regardless of the underlying middleware. This solution was expanded and refined and in 2003, the MAMDA API was introduced, providing a market data specific API, abstracting quotes, trades, order books, option chains, and other market data constructs on top of MAMA.

Standardized Distribution

MAMA and MAMDA gave the financial services industry a new level of flexibility by providing a solution that allowed organizations to standardize distribution over multiple middlewares. This resulted in reduced development times, leading to lower costs, reduced complexity, and broader support for a range of interconnected systems and applications. With eight years of production mileage under its belt and over 150 clients, MAMA and MAMDA were open sourced in 2011 as OpenMAMA. OpenMAMA’s intention is to lead innovation in our industry by creating a credible open standard for messaging in financial services. OpenMAMA is driven by customers, vendors, and industry thought leaders (more information at

MAMA and now OpenMAMA have always been the main API for Vela’s products and services. It is specifically designed to allow developers to bring applications to market rapidly within any industry-standard middleware environment, irrespective of the network infrastructure, while also ensuring high performance both in terms of throughput and message latency. OpenMAMA provides a consistent and open source abstraction layer over a variety of message oriented middlewares enabling companies to protect their technology investments, reduce costs, and avoid API or vendor lock-in.

The Vela Developers Program

The Vela Developers Program is available to give developers the knowledge, tools, and support needed to design, develop, test, and deploy proprietary or open source applications on OpenMAMA. As the creators of the API and the driving force behind the OpenMAMA initiative, Vela provides the industries logical choice for consultancy services around the growing wave of development in the community.

OpenMAMA has been designed to interoperate alongside Vela’s proprietary products and services.

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